Vow to Stress Less: Wedding Day Tips from Brides

2017-08-05 16:03

Don't Fret Over Fine Details

"Little details are totally irrelevant after the fact," says Charlotte Milling from Olympia, Washington. "Curling ribbon, wrapping tulle, and folding napkins will never be as satisfying as spending an hour decompressing. You will reflect more on how you felt on your wedding day than on how closely your final product matched your mental image, so don't shortchange your body.'

Another realization Charlotte came to was that she was calling the shots! "I found if I wanted to do something, people would indulge me because I was the bride. So when I decided I wanted to go for a run between the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, both of our families and bridal party did our own Rehearsal Day 5K. My maid of honor even trained for it! It gave us all a moment to step back from the chaos, engage in something fun, and bond in a way that wouldn't have been possible at the wedding alone. It is one of my fondest memories from the entire weekend!"